Community Visioning Survey Results

The Artscape Weston Hub Community Visioning Survey has now closed, and we would like to thank all those who took the time to complete a survey.

The survey was open from June 1, 2015 to September 25, 2015, and was distributed online via e-blasts and in person at various community events through the summer. Over that period, 309 valid responses were received, including online and paper survey submissions.

We would like to share some of the survey outcomes regarding the potential role of a new community cultural hub, and preferences for different types of activities that might take place in the hub.

The first question on the Community Visioning Survey asked, “What are the most important roles that the Artscape Weston Hub could have in the community?”

The themes of community space and revitalization emerged from the three roles that were selected most frequently by survey respondents: ‘Providing a public space and community gathering space,’ ‘Catalyzing cultural and economic revitalization,’ and ‘Bringing Weston communities together.’ Each of these potential roles for a community cultural hub was selected by close to or more than 50% of the respondents answering this question. ‘Supporting creative people and organizations’ was also selected by approximately 40% of respondents, speaking to recognition of the hub’s potential to support and strengthen local cultural and creative activity.


The fifth question on the survey asked, “What are the uses and activities that you would most like to see inside the Artscape Weston Hub?”

Three uses/activities were selected more frequently than the others – ‘Workshops and classes,’ ‘Community events and festivals,’ and ‘Performances,’ each being selected by over 50% of respondents. A fourth use, ‘Training for young people wanting to work in music, film, fashion, photography, etc.,’ was selected by 39% of respondents. The strong response to these four uses/activities is consistent with the themes of community space and revitalization discussed above, and seems to reflect a demand for local, accessible, high quality training/educational opportunities (particularly for youth), and an appetite for a shared space where people can be a part of cultural activities and participate in community events.


More survey outcomes will be shared on this site as the vision development process progresses.