Visual and Name Concept

The company entro communications is working on developing the concepts for the naming and visual identity of the larger project in which the Artscape Weston Hub sits. At our Community Update meeting in November 2016, entro revealed some initial work on these concepts.

The name proposed for the project is Weston Common. The “Weston Common” identity would tie together the different pieces of the larger project – the community cultural hub, the outdoor public space and the new apartment building.

The idea of “the common” refers back to the historical right to graze livestock, forage and collect firewood on common land. It is a name with deep historical roots, reflecting the importance of inclusivity and it speaks to collective use, to community space and assets, as well as to more contemporary forms of collaborative and creative spaces.

An accompanying colour palette will represent the cultural richness of the Weston community, and establish visuals that will run through the project.

The name and colour palette were well received by the significant majority of those in attendance, and comments provided at the meeting are being used to further refine the concept.

A public announcement will be made once the project’s name and visual identity have been finalized.