Program Partners Announced!

Artscape is pleased to announce UrbanArts and Shakespeare in Action as our program partners for our community cultural hub in development in Weston. These innovative arts organizations will play a unique role in creating a vibrant new platform for arts and cultural activity for Weston’s local community.

“We believe we’ve found the perfect program partners in UrbanArts and Shakespeare in Action, whose presence will make our Weston community cultural hub the heart of the neighbourhood.”
–LoriAnn Girvan, Artscape Chief Operating Officer

UrbanArts offers programs and services that develop the artistic and creative assets of artists and residents, fostering community-building. The organization is a longtime fixture in the Weston community with two locations in the area, just steps from the future hub.

Shakespeare in Action is a theatre company that fosters literacy, enhances creativity and promotes speech arts by making the language and stories of Shakespeare accessible and relevant to young audiences, their families, and the community. They’re making a move from their offices in downtown Toronto to Artscape Weston Common.

Join us in welcoming UrbanArts and Shakespeare in Action to Artscape Weston Common!