Next Steps

Starting in 2017 and continuing through to the project's opening day in 2018, we will be working on: Sharing information Growing networks in the community Construction of the facility Selecting tenants for the Hub and live/work spaces Developing plans for programming in the outdoor space Developing a community stewardship plan for Hub operations Stay tuned!

Community Meeting Q & A

We held a community meeting on November 14, 2016 in the Weston neighbourhood about the findings of our community survey and community visioning process. A number of questions were raised by those in attendance. Here are the questions raised and their answers: Will pedestrians be able to access the Hub from King Street, using the … Continue reading Community Meeting Q & A

Origins of the Project

The Weston community is identified as one of the City’s 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. Since 2010, Artscape, the City of Toronto and the Rockport Group have heard support for the project expressed in the Weston community during public consultations. A feasibility study prepared by Artscape for the City of Toronto in 2011, along with a community design … Continue reading Origins of the Project

Project History

What is a community cultural hub? A community cultural hub is a place where artists, local residents, community leaders, organizations, governments and businesses combine their efforts to foster culture and community. There are many different types of community cultural hubs. The vision for a community cultural hub is best built from the ground up in … Continue reading Project History