Deadline Extended! 26 Live/Work Spaces at Artscape Weston Common

Great news! We've extended the deadline to apply for one of 26 new affordable live/work studios at Artscape Weston Common to May 2 at 5 PM. We've also added two new info sessions, mandatory for all applicants, on April 19 at 10 AM and April 24 at 3 PM (click to register). Don't miss this … Continue reading Deadline Extended! 26 Live/Work Spaces at Artscape Weston Common

Program Partners Announced!

Artscape is pleased to announce UrbanArts and Shakespeare in Action as our program partners for our community cultural hub in development in Weston. These innovative arts organizations will play a unique role in creating a vibrant new platform for arts and cultural activity for Weston’s local community. “We believe we’ve found the perfect program partners in UrbanArts … Continue reading Program Partners Announced!

Q&A for RFP

In our recent RFP document, we commit to posting questions and answers raised during the info session. Here are all the questions raised to date, and our answers. Q: How high will the ceilings be in the Hub’s studio spaces? A: The approximate ceiling height from the top of the finished floor in the studio spaces … Continue reading Q&A for RFP

Seeking Occupants and Program Partners: Apply by July 19

Artscape is seeking proposals from non-profit arts and/or culture organizations and artist collectives/groups to occupy and program key spaces within Artscape Hub at Weston Common. The deadline to submit a proposal is July 19 at 5 PM. Please read our PDF document for complete details. (Click on the cover to access the document.) Interested? After … Continue reading Seeking Occupants and Program Partners: Apply by July 19

Weston Common wins at BILD Awards

On April 28, Weston Common was named Best New Community (Planned/in Development) at the annual BILD Awards. Artscape congratulates developer The Rockport Group on this fantastic win. We are proud to be a partner in this fantastic project.

Visual and Name Concept

The company entro communications is working on developing the concepts for the naming and visual identity of the larger project in which the Artscape Weston Hub sits. At our Community Update meeting in November 2016, entro revealed some initial work on these concepts. The name proposed for the project is Weston Common. The "Weston Common" identity would … Continue reading Visual and Name Concept

Programming the Spaces–first expressions of interest

We launched a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) in 2016 with the purpose of building a network of potential tenants and program providers who could help us determine what kinds of spaces and facilities are needed in the design of the project. We sent the REOI to individual artists, arts group, community cultural group … Continue reading Programming the Spaces–first expressions of interest

Origins of the Project

The Weston community is identified as one of the City’s 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. Since 2010, Artscape, the City of Toronto and the Rockport Group have heard support for the project expressed in the Weston community during public consultations. A feasibility study prepared by Artscape for the City of Toronto in 2011, along with a community design … Continue reading Origins of the Project